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IFAN 2004 11th International Conference of Standards Users

New York, Jul 16, 2004

For the 11th time, IFAN, the International Federation of Standards Users, organizes its international conference on standardization and related trade issues. The central themes of this year’s event are awareness and compliance. Within this framework the agenda will look at a number of projects from around the world to make companies and governments more aware of the standards development processes and the interest they have in standards. The conference aims to assist participating organizations in assessing its constituency’s awareness of the importance of standards and standardization, and managing the legal and/or commercial necessity of compliance with standards and regulations.

The IFAN conference takes place each year in a different country; this year NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute, will host the event in Amsterdam, November 11-12, 2004. More than 300 participants from all over the world will exchange knowledge and share their experiences in the field of standardization and competition in a global context. Speakers are recognized leaders from international industry (Shell, Paccar), national and international governments (European Commission, WTO) and the worldwide standardization organizations (ISO, IEC). The conference language is English.

The IFAN conference is relevant to managers of companies operating internationally, people responsible for developing or implementing regulations and professionals involved in standardization and conformity assessment.

More information is available at To order the brochure with the program or for questions on registration, please contact: Netherlands Standardization Institute, Mrs. Pauline van Rheeden (tel:+ 31 15 2 690 147, e-mail:

Founded in 1974, IFAN is an independent, non-profit, international association of national organizations for the application of standards, companies, professional and trade associations, and governmental agencies, concerned with the use of standards. The organization’s objectives include the promotion of uniform implementation of standards without deviation and the development of solutions to standards users’ problems without itself drawing up standards; the consolidation of standards users’ interests and views on all aspects of standardization and conformity assessment, and to cooperate with international and regional standardizing bodies (e.g. ISO, IEC, ITU, CEN, COPANT, etc.) in order to communicate user views to these organizations; and the promotion of networking in the field of international standardization and conformity assessment.

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