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ANSI Constitution and By-Laws Approved

New York, Feb 02, 2005

The members of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have approved a revised version of the Institute’s Constitution and By-Laws. The policy document, which was approved in June 2002 and became effective January 1, 2003, ushered in more streamlined governance processes, provided opportunities for greater member participation in policy-making and related activities, and made ANSI more productive and efficient.

The changes in the governance document generally fall into four categories:

  1. revisions to sections concerning certain chairperson terms;
  2. clarifications to language regarding policy committee members and the addition of an entirely new section that will implement a new Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee;
  3. additions to the “Forum” provisions, including language regarding Forum procedures, officers, committees and meetings; and
  4. corrections to a number of late-discovered ambiguities contained in the current version of the By-Laws.

Questions or comments regarding the Constitution and By-laws can be directed to Patricia A. Griffin, ANSI vice president and general counsel.

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