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ANSI Board Approves Membership Dues Modifications

New York, Jun 11, 2007

At its meeting on May 3, the ANSI Board of Directors approved two modifications relating to the Institute’s membership dues:
  1. a new tiered dues structure for organizational members
  2. an inflationary dues increase for all other Full membership categories.

The decisions followed a comprehensive review of ANSI’s dues history and included a recommendation of support from the Board’s Finance Committee.

Tiered Dues Structure for Organizational Members
Effective January 2008, organizational members will transition to a tiered dues structure consistent with that of the Institute’s company and government members. The move was taken in part to create a more equitable dues structure across the broad range of ANSI’s organizational members. Based on annual budget, the new dues structure offers organizations the option of choosing basic or full membership according to their intended level of involvement in ANSI programs.

“The tiered structure ties the dues investment directly to a member’s size and to the level of service and involvement they desire,” explained Joe Bhatia, ANSI president and CEO.

Basic members may augment their level of influence by purchasing à la carte membership on policy and select program oversight committees. Full members can nominate representatives to the ANSI Board of Directors and the Institute’s policy and program oversight committees; serve on ANSI international policy delegations, administer ISO or IEC Secretariats and/or U.S. Technical Advisory Groups, and name unlimited ANSI member representatives.

“Diversity is the cornerstone strength of the ANSI federation,” said Bhatia. “The Board’s decision makes it more affordable for professional societies and trade associations to join and become engaged as ANSI members. “

There was widespread agreement within the Board that introduction of a tiered dues structure would be especially appealing for small and mid-size organizations such as those within the burgeoning services sector. The new structure will continue to make a distinction between membership dues and the fees for engagement as an accredited body or as an administrator of a U.S. TAG or international secretariat.

Detailed information regarding the organizational member transition plan will be mailed to the designated financial and technical contacts at each organizational member in the coming weeks.

Inflationary Dues Increase
Effective January 2008, a four percent (4%) inflationary dues increase will be applied to all Full membership categories. However, in light of the decision to implement the tiered dues structure for organizational members in 2008, the inflationary dues increase will not apply to organizational members until 2009. The change represents the first membership dues increase in several years.

Looking forward, the Board endorsed in concept an annual inflationary dues increase of up to four percent (4%) for all full membership categories. The decision was taken in response to ANSI member requests to consider smaller, incremental increases in lieu of less frequent, but larger percentage dues adjustments.

Specific proposals for the incremental increase of membership dues will be considered each year by the Finance Committee and will be submitted for approval by the Board of Directors.

The current fee schedule for administration of U.S. Technical Advisory Groups and internationally-held Secretariats, as well as national activity assessments, will remain unchanged during the one-year transition period.

A reminder of the information contained herein will be included in the transmittal of the 2008 dues invoices.

Questions and comments regarding these modifications may be directed to Brian Meincke (212.642.4940;

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