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ANSI Hosts IEC Global Relevance Seminar in New York

New York, Sep 18, 2003

More than forty representatives from 10 nations were present at the American National Standards Institute operations office in New York City on September 5 for the 2nd Seminar on Global Relevance of IEC Standards. IEC Technical Director Jean-Pierre Brotons-Dias, IECEE Secretary Pierre de Ruvo and IEC Engineer Jack Sheldon were on hand from the IEC Central Office to lead the seminar. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States were represented.

The participants reviewed questions that were raised during the 1st Seminar in April 2002, which was developed to give participants information on implementation of the recommendations indicated in the IEC’s global relevance policy, and to respond to new questions that might arise.

During the meeting, presentations covered the basic principles of global relevance, the implementation procedures, the role of “essential differences” in requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, the “In some countries” clause and the revision of existing standards.

The IEC Standardization Management Board will establish a system of monitoring the inclusion of these requirements. The Global Relevance implementation procedure will be reviewed after two years.

Implementation of Essential Differences in Requirements in IEC Standards

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