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Conference for Certification of Personnel: Facilitating Trade in Services Around the World

New York, Sep 15, 2005

Jobs traditionally performed by American knowledge workers are increasingly being performed by workers overseas. Forrester Research estimates that more than three million U.S. professional and service jobs – an average of 300,000 jobs per year – will be performed overseas by 2015.

The implication of digitalization and global reach on American workers is especially important for certifying bodies. Those individuals who can demonstrate independent certification of their skills and competency, and whose certification meets an independent, internal benchmark will be in a beneficial position.

The American National Standards Institute's Conference for Certification of Personnel: Facilitating Trade in Services Around the World aims to prepare certification organizations, certificants, and members for the global economy’s trend toward labor offshoring and the mobility of workers. The conference is scheduled for October 6, 2005, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, as part of World Standards Week 2005 events.

U.S. certification bodies that want to lead their certificants and members in the massive reorganization of worldwide employment are urged to take advantage of the advice, observations, recommendations and experiences of those who employ a global workforce or who have experienced first-hand the effect of the digital economy thus far. ANSI’s roster of experts is an invaluable resource for certification executives searching for ways to retain and build their certification base in the near term.

Featured speakers confirmed to date include Dr. George Anastasopoulos, president of the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC); Mr. Bernie Ascher, former director of services in the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR); Dr. Marjorie Peace-Lenn, executive director of the Center for Quality Assurance in International Education.

To register for the conference, visit or contact the Registration Coordinator (; 212.642.4956). For more information about the ANSI Accreditation Program for Certification Bodies, contact Mr. Sandro Shelia, ANSI accreditation services manager (; 202.331.3619).

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