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ISO Horizon 2010

ISO Seeks Input on Strategy for 2005-2010

New York, Jul 11, 2003

ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden, on behalf of the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Council and its Standing Committee on Strategies (CSC/STRAT), has recently announced a call for input from ISO's national standards bodies and their stakeholders on the development of the organization’s long-range strategies for 2005 through 2010.

The initiative, dubbed ISO Horizon 2010, highlights a series of strategic issues for the organization and seeks input on questions related to these key matters. It will take account of "market and societal trends, and input from a broad base of stakeholders, including those represented by ISO’s members and by international defin[e] a clear, rational and well-planned path forward for ISO in the years ahead."

ANSI president and CEO, Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, welcomed the initiative. "It is critical that a fundamental outcome of this planning process will be greater commitment by ISO and its members to global relevancy," he stated.

Hurwitz also noted that the collaborative exchange of information is in alignment with the National Standards Strategy for the United States. "The U.S. system is responding to recent challenges – such as those addressing health and safety; consumer issues; protection of the environment; rapid advancements in technology and communication; and the explosion of world trade – by becoming increasingly flexible," he explained. "As called for in the National Standards Strategy, we believe that the ISO and IEC standardization systems must evolve further toward a flexible sector-based structure and management and in further streamlining their processes and operations. The ISO Horizon 2010 initiative provides a perfect mechanism for advancing these goals."

ISO members are expected to provide a summary of the input expressed by their various groups of stakeholders to encompass a consolidated national view. The ANSI ISO Council is developing U.S. input to be submitted to ISO. For more information, please contact Steven Cornish, ANSI director of international policy.

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