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ANSI Launches Company Member Online Discussion Board

Members: Share and discuss emerging issues related to standardization, conformity assessment


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in partnership with the ANSI Company Member Forum (CMF) has recently released a new online discussion board. It provides all ANSI members with an opportunity to share, connect, and discuss emerging industry issues. Members can access the online discussion tool to stay connected with news and updates related to standards, standardization and conformity assessment, and get more value from their ANSI membership through active participation in leading discussions.

ANSI encourages members to access, post, and respond to questions via the online tool here: ANSI Member Discussion Board.

Some topics of interest on the new resource include:

  • Standards Education, Managing Standards

  • Emerging & Incubating Issues, General Discussion

  • Service Standards

  • Cyber & Information Security

  • Information Technology, (IoT) 

  • Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Please visit ANSI Member Discussion Board for more information, forum rules, and to participate in industry dialogue.


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