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2005 Framework for Action Summary Released in Anticipation of ANSI Annual Business Meeting

New York, Jun 28, 2005

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the official summary version of its 2005 strategic guidance document, the 2005 Framework for Action.

The Framework is published annually in two parts; the full document, made available earlier this year, details the Institute’s key strategic initiatives and tactics. The secondary summary document highlights strategic objectives in key program areas, and also provides an outline to report on successes to date during the ANSI Annual Business Meeting, scheduled for October 5, 2005, during the World Standards Week activities in Washington, DC.

This year, facilitating the revision and promotion of the United States Standards Strategy has remained at the forefront of the Institute’s endeavors, and the Framework for Action attempts to carefully align ANSI’s priorities with those identified in the draft Strategy.

“The Framework for Action documents ANSI’s plans and activities for the year and forms the basis for the Institute’s annual budget,” explained Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO. “Revision of the USSS is a tactic included in the Framework for Action that will remain as a top priority for ANSI until it is approved and published; planning is already underway for aspects of its implementation.”

Citing the critical importance of long-term planning, Hurwitz noted that "many of ANSI's future successes will be the result of long-term efforts that start now."

In certain cases, the tactics to be implemented and deliverables to be achieved will occur within 2005, in other cases the outcomes may extend well into the future. ANSI staff track measurable criteria and evaluate these metrics against key milestones and target dates.

The complete Framework for Action is available via ANSI Online ( — click the left-hand sidebar menu for a link to the file), or download the summary document here.

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