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Eleven Begin Summer Internship with ANSI

Institute recognizes ten-year commitment to university outreach

Washington, DC and New York City, Jun 09, 2003

Summer is in full swing and so is the American National Standards Institute’s Summer Internship Program. Launched nearly 10 years ago, the program has earned an excellent reputation for its long-term commitment to providing young interns with the training, opportunities, and responsibilities needed to set them along their career paths.

Selected from over 500 applicants, the 11 ANSI interns – two in the Washington D.C. headquarters and nine in the New York City office – work closely with their department supervisors on day-to-day business, as well as long-term projects. Various educational and extra-curricular activities throughout the summer are designed to promote interaction between interns and full-time staff.

“ANSI views its internship program as a long-term investment for both the students and the Institute,” said Sara Desautels, coordinator for the internship program. “The interns are accepted and respected as peers. Many decide to continue working during the school year. In fact, several have worked for multiple summers and may even receive an offer for a full-time position.”

“I like the people and knew that I would be challenged,” said Elizabeth Dodson, a returning intern supporting both the communications/public relations and legal teams. “I can make a contribution to the company while learning new skills.”

Interns new to the program also have found the nature of work they do with ANSI to be important and challenging. “When I read the description of the internship and looked up the organization’s website, it sounded exactly like what I was learning in my major,” said Allison Kramer, who works in the Human Resources and Finance Department. “It’s a good learning experience and I’m being exposed to a career that I would want to pursue.”

Another aspect of the program’s success is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at ANSI. From the first day Intern Orientation to summer events such as the special luncheon with Dr. Mark W. Hurwitz, ANSI president and CEO, the interns get to know one another and the staff.

“These young people become an integral part of the ANSI team,” explained Fran Schrotter, ANSI senior vice president. “By the end of the internship, the students walk away not only with a greater understanding of standards and conformity assessment but also with the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.”

John Kalemkerian, vice-president of membership, communication and education, has four of the eleven interns working in his area. “The interns are an essential part of ANSI. They bring fresh perspectives and new ideas, and they make valuable contributions to the work we do. They are truly tomorrow’s business leaders.”

“Our interns are bright young men and women from top colleges and universities,” said Dr. Hurwitz. “And I am very pleased that our internship program benefits these young people and provides a solid foundation of training as the proceed on their career paths. Imparting these young people with new skills, entrusting them with responsibilities and providing them with new opportunities – this is really what ANSI is all about.”

Chandra Briggman, Conformity Assessment Intern John Hopkins University Major: Strategic Marketing

Tiana Butcher, Public Policy/ Government Affairs Intern George Washington University Major: Political Science

Elizabeth Dodson, Communications & PR/ Legal Intern New York University Double Major: Journalism, Political Science

Rachel Fink, Education & Training Intern McGill University Major: Economics

Penelope Jensen, Business Development Intern Hofstra University Double Major: Accounting, Finance

Allison Kramer, Human Resources and Finance Intern Cornell University Major: Policy Analysis and Management

Martina Kristof, Communications and Public Relations Intern New York University Major: Journalism and Mass Communication

Annie Lau, Product Sales and Marketing Intern SUNY – Albany Major: Business Administration

Linda Ng, International Program Assistant Intern New York University Double Major: Economics, East Asian Studies

Josh Peabody, IT Helpdesk Intern Middlesex County College Major: Computer Science

Nicole Silletti, Membership/ Marketing Intern Indiana University Major: International Business and Finance

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