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ANSI President Urges Increased Participation in Standardization Activities

New York, Nov 13, 2007

Joe Bhatia speaks at the Rockwell Automation event S. Joe Bhatia, president and CEO of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), spoke this morning at Manufacturing Perspectives, a one-day media forum that was held to kick off the 2007 Automation Fair. Hosted by ANSI member Rockwell Automation, the event brought together industry experts and journalists from around the world to discuss manufacturing technologies and trends.

During a panel discussion entitled, “Standards: Improving Competitive Differentiation in a Complex Regulatory World,” Mr. Bhatia emphasized the effectiveness of standards and conformity assessment programs in addressing emerging issues. Stressing the importance of active participation by all stakeholders, he challenged attendees to get involved in the standards-setting process, especially at the executive level.

“As a CEO, you really have two choices,” said Bhatia. “Position your organization to take a seat at the table and be part of the process, or let your competitors dictate the way you will be doing business.”

Mr. Bhatia went on to illustrate the critical role of standardization in the global marketplace, describing voluntary consensus standards as the foundation of the U.S. economy and fundamental to the success of robust, fair, and free trade. Advocating the concept of “one standard – one test – accepted everywhere,” he called for all attendees and participants to help increase awareness of globally relevant standards and conformity assessment activities.

“This year’s consumer product recalls are an unfortunate but strong example of the importance of our shared vision,” Bhatia explained. “Building consumer confidence is not just a government issue, nor is it just an industry issue. It benefits us all to collaborate on a single set of standards that meet the needs of stakeholders around the world, from industry and manufacturers to consumers and government.”

Other panel participants included Frank Kitzantides of the International Electrotechnical Commission, James Lovegrove of the American Electronics Association, and Keith Williams of Underwriters Laboratories.

Mr. Bhatia’s complete remarks are currently available online. A white paper based on the panel discussion has been prepared by Rockwell Automation and is also available for review here.

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