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SDOs Summoned to Address Copyright Protection in the Digital Age

New York, Sep 15, 2003

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) invites all interested ANSI-accredited and U.S.-based standards developing organizations (SDOs) to participate in the first meeting of the ANSI Organizational Member Forum (OMF) ad hoc Working Group on Copyright Protection in the Digital Age, September 29, 2003. Held in conjunction with World Standards Week 2003 activities in Washington, DC, the primary purpose of this session will be to provide a forum for discussion about the development of solutions to the problem of illegal copying and electronic distribution of standards, and the role of digital rights management (DRM).

“DRM approaches must be explored to address the problem of illegal copying and distribution of standards in digital formats, in violation of the intellectual property rights of SDOs,” said Robert Hager, ANSI director of publishing. “To achieve the most effective solutions, positive coordination between SDOs is crucial.”

The session will focus on evaluating the range of DRM measures available for digital content and attempting to coordinate the application of these measures between SDOs with the goal of delivering a consistent approach to customers. DRM measures to be considered will include watermarking/stamping, limitations on printing, limitations on copying and pasting of text, locking of documents to specific devices to prevent file copying, and setting expiry dates for documents.

The primary goal of the meeting is to assess the current DRM efforts of SDOs: which technology – if any – has been selected or implemented, which DRM functions have been identified as necessary or appropriate, and what methods have been employed to communicate with customers on the need for DRM technology.

“Because there has been resistance among users in response to some DRM efforts, a comprehensive customer communications and relations plan is also essential,” noted Rose Maginniss, ANSI director of electronic sales & marketing.

For more information on attending, please contact Rose Maginniss (212-642-4999;

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