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Senate Passes Standards Developing Organizations Advancement Act

Washington, DC, Apr 02, 2004

The Standards Developing Organizations Advancement Act of 2003 (H.R. 1086) passed in the Senate today, and will return to the House for approval of one amendment before heading to the Oval Office for the president's signature. The bill will provide a new degree of limited relief to standards development organizations under existing antitrust laws.

H.R. 1086 amends the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993 to address antitrust laws applying to joint ventures by providing limited antitrust protection to participants in such activities. The new bill recognizes the assistance that standards developing organizations (SDOs) provide to government agencies in developing standards for regulatory and procurement functions and now creates an explicit filing opportunity for developers of voluntary, consensus standards. The law also would help avert “unnecessary and costly” litigation against SDOs that have no commercial interest with regard to the technical specifications contained in the standards.

According to David Karmol, ANSI vice president of government relations and public policy, “This legislation strikes a good balance, and provides some recognition of the contribution that standards developing organizations make to the American society and economy, and increasingly, as partners with the federal government.”

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