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Digital Imaging Industry Initiative Responds to Consumer Needs

New York, Mar 09, 2006

To date, methods of organizing digital photos and movies have largely been developed by different companies independently of each other, hampering interoperability among products, and leaving many consumers with no easy way to transfer images from one system to the next.

Eastman Kodak, a member of the American National Standards Institute, partnered with fellow digital imaging companies Konica Minolta and Fujifilm to respond to consumers’ needs for a more convenient and hassle-free digital imaging experience. The result, known as the EVERPLAY standard, is an industry initiative designed to remove barriers to interoperability, thereby helping consumers to organize, transfer, and playback their digital images across a range of consumer systems and products. EVERPLAY is a suite of specifications that takes into account standards and guidelines developed by both industry consortia and standards developing organizations.

“EVERPLAY was developed with a philosophy that recognizes the consumer’s high value of interoperability and the preservation of images assets,” said Frank M. Ranalletti, director, technology initiatives at Eastman Kodak. “It accomplishes this by specifying logical file formats and providing a method of migration that will enable future technologies, therefore safeguarding your memories for generations to come.”

Written in XML next-generation language, EVERPLAY enables images to be transferred correctly and consistently, from one product or technology to another, without altering the original image. Broad adoption of the specification will ensure that a consumer’s existing photographs will not be outdated by developments in technology.

Initially called PASS (Picture Archiving and Sharing Standard), EVERPLAY encourages participation among consumer electronics, software, photographic, and imaging industries in developing compatible products. It can be applied to any product or software that utilizes, burns, searches for, or plays back digital images, including CDs, DVD players, and home computers. It is also designed to be backwards compatible with some existing products. For example, EVERPLAY can write corresponding image files into video format, enabling consumers to view their pictures with existing DVD players that are not yet compliant with the standard.

For more information, visit the EVERPLAY website.

ISO 50001:2011 is NOW AVAILABLE