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Announcement of ANSI Procedural Revisions for Comment

New York, Jul 14, 2006

ANSI announces the following procedural changes for public review and comment:
  • ExSC 6640—Proposed “Stabilized Maintenance” Option for an American National Standard
    The proposed revisions to the ANSI Essential Requirements are intended to define a new “stabilized maintenance” option for American National Standards (ANS). In particular, clause 4.7.3 provides the details of the proposed new option. Other companion revisions are also provided for review and comment.

  • ExSC 6642—PINS, National Adoptions, Right to Appeal, BSR Numerical Requirements
    The proposed revisions are intended to:

    • reinstate the PINS requirement for National Adoptions of ISO and IEC standards;

    • revise the National Adoption procedures to disallow use of the expedited procedures for standards for which a claim of conflict or duplication with an existing American National Standard is made;

    • clarify that the right to appeal at the standards developer level and at ANSI exists with regard to the identical national adoption of an ISO or IEC standard as an American National Standard for which the expedited procedures were implemented;

    • clarify that all ANS are subject to comparable requirements except where otherwise noted, e.g., identical national adoptions using the expedited procedures; and

    • clarify the Operating Procedures of the ANSI Board of Standards Review with respect to numerical voting requirements.

    The text of the proposed revisions can be found in the August 14, 2006, Public Review Comment Deadline folder on ANSI Online.

    Comments with regard to these proposed revisions should be submitted by August, 14, 2006, to or via fax (212.840.2298) to the Recording Secretary of the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC). Mailed comments should be sent to ANSI, ExSC Recording Secretary, 25 West 43rd Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

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