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ANSI Demonstrates Benefits of Personnel Certification to Indian Stakeholders

New York, Mar 26, 2008

Dr. Roy Swift speaks in New Delhi From food safety and healthcare to financial services and security, personnel certification helps to build public confidence in the professionals and services on which our lives and economies depend. As the world’s second fastest growing economy, India is turning to certification to increase the quality of its workforce and create a distinction for its services within the international marketplace.

On February 17, 2008, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) brought the U.S. personnel certification perspective to India for that country’s Third National Quality Conclave.

Hosted in New Delhi by the Quality Council of India, the two-day Conclave provided a forum for participants from India’s public and private sectors to discuss best practices for ensuring the quality of goods and services.

Speakers from Indian Central and State Government agencies offered a local perspective on public services, healthcare, and food safety, while conformity assessment professionals from the U.S., United Kingdom, and Singapore discussed the programs and solutions that are working in their respective countries.

Dr. Roy Swift, program director of ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Program (PCAP), spoke about the important role that personnel certification plays in the global economy, and how ANSI’s role as a neutral third party strengthens consumer confidence in personnel certification programs.

“Professionals who pursue an ANSI-accredited certification credential will benefit from recognition across state and national jurisdictions,” explained Dr. Swift. “The acceptance of ISO/IEC 17024 as the standard for use both within the U.S. and internationally eliminates the need for duplicative certification practices.”

In his presentation, Dr. Swift outlined the benefits that personnel certification programs could offer to the Indian workforce, including improved personnel quality, increased mobility both within India and around the world, and new opportunities for business and industrial growth.

“With fifty-five percent of India’s population under thirty years of age, this fast-growing economy provides fertile ground for personnel certification programs to take root,” Swift continued. “Internationally recognized certification programs allow employers to understand exactly what skills a potential employee can bring to a position, and provide employees with a concrete pathway for career growth – whether they choose to remain in India or work in another country.”

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