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Deadline Approaching for Standards That Make a Difference Survey

Prime Opportunity to Focus on Importance of Standards

New York, Aug 14, 2002

The September 15th deadline is rapidly approaching for submissions to ANSI's first-ever Standards That Make a Difference survey. Members of the standardization and conformity assessment community are encouraged to seize this unique opportunity to highlight the importance of standards in general, and the critical role that specific documents (whether a single standard or family of standards) play in enhancing business competitiveness and improving societal issues such as safety, health and the quality of life. Entries consist of standards that a nominator believes to be "most valuable" and a brief explanation that highlights benefits for consumers, government or industry. Each completed submission will also qualify as an entry into a random drawing for a $300 gift certificate.

"Standards, especially those that demonstrate global market relevance, have a tremendous effect on the lives of millions of people around the world," states Dr. Mark Hurwitz, president of ANSI. "They play a major role in many aspects of our daily activities-from decisions consumers make when purchasing products for their homes, to broader societal issues such as how we preserve the environment; from the competitive concerns of business in a global marketplace, to the government's role in protecting the public interest."

The need for standards in daily life can be found in existing safety and health standards, which, because of their importance to the public, ANSI and the voluntary standards system have always given high priority. For example, standards for goggles and other eye and face protections help safeguard industrial workers and technical students against hazards and elevators are safe thanks to the widespread use of standard specifications for construction, installation, testing, inspection, maintenance, and repair.

Many entrants have already taken advantage of the opportunity to voice their opinions and to bring additional awareness and publicity to the important work being done by the standards community. "Active participation and responses from members of the ANSI community not only showcases the importance of standards, but also demonstrates the diverse opinions of survey participants. This is a simple way to reflect the necessity of standards in every aspect of our lives," continues Hurwitz.

To participate, log on to the Standards that Make a Difference survey. [Click here for rules and regulations and to view a sample entry.] Standards selected for entry may include American National Standards, standards developed by the ISO, IEC or from other domestic, regional or international bodies.

As stated above, the deadline for submission is September 15, 2002. The random drawing will be held during ANSI's Annual Conference, October 15-16, in Washington, D.C. ANSI may use the information collected in its efforts towards general public awareness about the standards community. Entries will be published on ANSI Online.