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ANSI-HSSP Workshops to Develop Recommendations for 9-11 Commission

New York, Mar 10, 2004

The Homeland Security Standards Panel of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI-HSSP) is nearing completion on a number of recommendations to guide private-sector emergency preparedness and business continuity. Safety, security and crisis management experts representing a range of industry and government stakeholders have been racing to recommend a high-level, voluntary standard in lieu of potential government mandates and regulations.

The efforts are led by the ANSI-HSSP and organized in partnership with the 9-11 Commission – an independent group investigating the 2001 terrorist attacks – and the Working Group on Private Sector Preparedness (PSP-WG) – a group of organizations that have voluntarily come together under the auspices of the Greater New York Safety Council to promote emergency preparedness in the private sector.

A set of final recommendations is due to the 9-11 Commission in early April 2004. The Commission will consider these recommendations in preparing its final report to Congress and the President.

Participants attending two ANSI-HSSP-sponsored open workshops in New York City earlier this year identified the National Fire Protection Association’s standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs (NFPA 1600) as a base document from which to move forward. Subgroups are examining other existing standards, guidelines and best practices; conducting a gap analysis; and considering requirements for assessing conformity to the final standard. In conjunction with the PSP-WG, incentives for private-sector adherence to the standard and efforts to market, promote and educate the public about the standard are also being considered.

Representatives from industry and all critical infrastructure sectors are invited to participate in finalizing the recommendations at a concluding workshop in New York City on March 22.

The disaster management technical committee responsible for drafting the NFPA 1600 standard is expected to convene in May or early June to address the input generated from the workshops.

For more information on the ANSI-HSSP and the private sector emergency preparedness and business continuity workshops, or to contribute to this process, please contact ANSI-HSSP secretary Matthew Deane (; 212.642.4992).

The PSP-WG Chair has requested that notification be sent to the ANSI community requesting comments on its initial draft recommendations. To view these initial recommendations and submit comments, please visit: