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COPOLCO to Mark 25th Anniversary at Bangkok Meeting

New York, Sep 02, 2003

The 25th Meeting of the International Organization for Standardization’s Consumer Policy Committee (ISO/COPOLCO) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, September 8-11, 2003. Hosted by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), the meeting will feature a series of events including a seminar and workshop focused on consumer representation and the relationship between ethics and standardization activities.

On September 8, a regional training seminar for consumer representatives will cover “Consumer Representation in Standardization” and address the role of standards in consumer policy and interests. The seminar aims to improve information, communication and mutual support between consumer associations and standards organizations, and allow delegates the opportunity to explore the various resources available that support consumer participation. James McCabe, ANSI director of consumer relations and public policy, will begin the seminar with a presentation on “Standardization Fundamentals—the Principles and the Players,” encompassing the strategic nature of standardization and its varying commercial and societal interests.

The COPOLCO Workshop on September 9 is centered on the theme: “Consumer Confidence and the Role of Standards – Principles and Ethical Practice.” Discussions will cover the inclusion of developing countries in international standardization, standards as an extension of the law, effective market surveillance systems, and other themes. Breakout sessions include, “Product safety in a changing world,” “Making marks contribute to consumer confidence,” and “Ethics and confidence in standards.”

The COPOLCO events underscore the attention that consumer confidence and ethics have received in ISO and other standardization bodies recently. A paper was recently prepared by a COPOLCO working group on consumer protection in the global market, challenging ISO to engage in an open dialogue about questions of ethics and standardization. It is expected that the paper—once endorsed by COPOLCO—will assist the ISO Council Standing Committee on Strategies (CSC/STRAT) in developing a series of recommendations at its meeting this month.

ANSI member with questions regarding the COPOLCO meeting may contact James McCabe, ANSI director of consumer relations and public policy (, 212-642-8921).

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