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Panel Solicits Stakeholder Input on Identity Standards

New York, Feb 02, 2007

The Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) has issued a survey inviting interested stakeholders to provide input that will help to form the panel’s report and recommendations on how the marketplace can minimize the scope and scale of identity theft and fraud. Jointly sponsored by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the IDSP is a cross-sector coordinating body working to catalogue and assess standards, guidelines and best practices that businesses and other organizations can use to prevent and respond to ID theft and fraud and protect the confidential personal data of their employees and customers.

The survey solicits comment on current standards, guidelines or best practices that relate to identity theft prevention or identity management, as well as standards that are in development or that should be revised to better address this issue. It also asks respondents to identify any gaps where new standards may be needed. Finally, it seeks information on any related conformity assessment programs that currently exist, that are in development, or that should be developed, to address this issue.

The survey parallels and complements efforts currently underway within three IDSP working groups to conduct an inventory and assessment of standards and other marketplace solutions relating to this issue. Participation in the IDSP working groups is open to all interested stakeholders.

“Many stakeholders who have a keen interest in this issue may not have the ability to actively participate on the IDSP’s Working Groups,” said IDSP chair Joseph Gurreri, vice president of solutions development and consulting at TransUnion. “This survey is a great opportunity for them to weigh in with their comments, and have their contributions recorded.”

“It is envisioned that this will be the first of various checkpoints where the Panel will reach out beyond its membership to the broad community of stakeholders to ensure that we are capturing all relevant inputs,” added Jim McCabe, ANSI director of consumer relations and IDSP.

The survey can be accessed from the IDSP public documents page or from the survey bank on ANSI Online. Responses are due by February 26, 2007. More information about the IDSP is available on the Panel’s website. Questions may be directed to Jim McCabe (; 212.642.8921).

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