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USTDA Selects ANSI to Conduct New Vietnam Standards Training Program

New York, Oct 15, 2007

In a continuing effort to advance U.S. – Vietnamese trade and promote cooperation in the field of standards and conformity assessment, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has selected the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to carry out a new standards training program with Vietnam.

Building upon previously offered education and outreach activities, the intensive, year-long program will be conducted by ANSI in cooperation with USTDA and the Vietnamese Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ). It will highlight the different approaches to standardization in the two countries and provide Vietnamese stakeholders with a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits of a market-driven approach to standards and conformance.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with ANSI on this exciting project,” said Henry Steingass, USTDA regional director for South and Southeast Asia. “We believe that this program will promote a transparent, open, and consensus-based Vietnamese standards system that incorporates good regulatory practices in compliance with the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade obligations and the trade-related aspects of the U.S.-Vietnam Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.”

The standards training program comes at a significant point in the development of U.S. trade relations with Vietnam, given the country’s considerable market-driven economic reforms and recent accession to the World Trade Organization. One of the main priorities of this program will be to provide STAMEQ and other Vietnamese public and private sector leaders with the tools they need to effectively facilitate trade and engage in international standardization.

“As the official U.S. representative to standards and conformity assessment organizations around the globe, ANSI is well positioned to deliver this training program,” Gary Kushnier, ANSI vice president of international policy. “This project will significantly enhance the Institute’s leadership and visibility in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. We are honored to have been selected, and look forward to working with both USTDA and STAMEQ to provide a program that delivers an in-depth examination of standardization, compliance, and technical regulation issues.”

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