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New ISO Security Glazing Standards Aim to Protect People and Property from Explosions

New York, Jul 24, 2007

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently released two security glazing standards intended to protect people and property from accidental explosions and terrorist attacks.

ISO 16933:2007, Glass in building - Explosion-resistant security glazing - Test and classification for arena air-blast loading, and ISO 16934:2007, Glass in building - Explosion-resistant security glazing - Test and classification by shock-tube loading, allow security glazing in a variety of applications to be tested and classified in a standard frame. Glazing is used during the installation of glass in buildings to minimize breakage from mechanical and thermal stress, ensure adequate design load, and inhibit pressure points from building movement.

“Explosion resistance of glazing has become a high priority in many commercial and government buildings as a means of protecting people and property,” said DuPont’s Ms. Valerie Block, secretary of ISO Technical Committee 160/ Subcommittee 2 (ISO TC 160/SC 2), which developed the standards.

DuPont serves as the secretariat of ISO TC 160/SC 2 on behalf of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). John Turnbull, also of DuPont, serves as subcommittee chair.

ISO 16933: 2007 outlines a procedure for determining the air-blast resistance of glazing, and sets forth the guidelines and required equipment for conducting arena air-blast tests. To classify glazing performance, standard blasts simulating both vehicle bombs and smaller satchel bombs are used. ISO 16934: 2007 provides a method for carrying out tests simulating high-explosive blasts, and outlines criteria for rating the level of resulting damage. Both standards cover glass glazing, plastic sheet material, glass-clad plastics, and laminated, insulated or film-backed glass.

The two new standards are part of a series of glazing test and classification standards that address destructive windstorm-resistant security glazing (ISO 16932:2007), bullet-resistant security glazing (ISO 16935:2007), and forced-entry security glazing (ISO 16936 1-4:2005).

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