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"Networking in a New Information and Communication Environment" Set as Theme for Second ISO Networking Conference

Mid-May 2003 dates set for Ottawa, Canada

Washington, DC, Dec 16, 2002

Information, marketing, public relations and training professionals within the standardization community have been invited to convene in Ottawa, Canada on May 15-16, 2003 during the second networking conference sponsored by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The event, which is organized around the theme "Networking in a new information and communication environment," will be hosted by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is open to the professional managers and representatives of all ISO members.

"The job of delivering the notion of the importance of the standards and standardization process to industry designers, technologists, and decision-makers is a real challenge," conference organizers stated in a meeting announcement received by ANSI earlier this week. "[Yet] modern information and communication technologies can and do significantly affect how people think and act."

Consider the following:

The number of Web-based information sites within the standards community has grown considerably during the last five years.
The application of print-on-demand systems is increasing.
A dozen or so Web stores have already been created by the standards community.

Topics included on the preliminary program address many of the operational issues facing standards organizations today. Design, development and maintenance of such systems raises questions such as which equipment and software to choose, how to structure information, which search mechanism to apply, which information to provide free of charge and which to charge, how to price, which method of delivery to choose, how to organize payment and protection from unauthorized use, etc.

In addition, new horizons are open for education and training with the development of high technologies. Virtual education and training programs are becoming available worldwide. Nevertheless, how to develop them to be acceptable worldwide is now more acute than ever.

This conference will address the implementation of tools and techniques now available, as well as the related emerging issues and up-to-date thinking, to build awareness of and to get important messages about technical regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures and labeling schemes across to the diverse audiences in need of this data.

Interested parties are encouraged to reserve the conference dates (May 15-16, 2003) on their calendars. Registration and detailed program information will be provided by ANSI as it becomes available.

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