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July 18 is Dental Awareness Day

American Dental Association Provides Guidelines for Proper Dental Care

New York, Jul 18, 2003

Dentists, oral hygienists and others in the dental healthcare industry are capitalizing on this opportunity to showcase the importance of proper dental and oral care. Supported by rising awareness of studies linking poor oral hygiene to ailments such as heart disease and oral cancer, the general public is becoming increasingly conscious of the importance and long-term benefits of taking care of the their teeth, mouth and gums.

The American Dental Association, an ANSI member and accredited standards developer, has prepared a list of guidelines for basic dental care for the patient, which, if followed correctly, will lay the groundwork for a healthy smile. These guidelines include the proper procedures for brushing and flossing, and advice on choosing the best products for an oral hygiene routine. The ADA also offers information and resources about various issues related to oral health care, addressing topics ranging from choosing a dentist, to endodontic treatment, to oral piercing.

Understanding the importance of learning good habits at a young age, the ADA also offers a variety of resources for teachers to help educate young children about the importance of good oral health and continuing such habits throughout their lifetime. The ADA also offers a student resource section that educates young adults about continuing education in dentistry and the dental profession.

In its role as an accredited standards developer, the ADA is responsible for more than 100 American National Standards that contribute to the overall landscape of proper dental care and service. Some examples of these standards include:

  • ANSI/ADA 25-2000, Dental X-ray Equipment and Accessory Devices
  • ANSI/ADA 33-1984 (R1999), Dental Terminology
  • ANSI/ADA 53-1999 Polymer-Based Crown and Bridge Materials ANSI/ADA 89-1999, Dental Operating Lights, and
  • ANSI/ADA 99-2001, Athletic Mouth Protectors and Materials.

This broad range of examples provides an illustration how standards make it clear how to improve the health and safety of the public.

For additional information and resources for proper dental heath and oral hygiene, please visit the American Dental Association website.

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