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New Video Released in Support of ISA and ANSI’s Cybersecurity Framework

Builds upon press launch in garnering national attention for publication

New York, Apr 13, 2010

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) invites its members, business leaders, and all interested stakeholders to view a new video highlighting the recent publication and press launch of The Financial Management of Cyber Risk: An Implementation Framework for CFOs by ANSI and the Internet Security Alliance (ISA).

To watch the video, click here.

The video was produced by Symantec, a premium sponsor of The Financial Management of Cyber Risk. It presents compelling footage illustrating the critical importance of an enterprise-wide cybersecurity action plan for all companies, including recent financial-loss data from Symantec and quotes from President Obama stressing cyber threat as one of our nations’ most serious economic and security challenges.

Federal Cyber Policy

In May 2009 the White House released a “Cyberspace Policy Review,” a report detailing the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council’s top-to-bottom review of the government’s efforts to defend U.S. information and communications infrastructure and to recommend the best way to ensure that these networks are able to secure our information as well as our prosperity.

Initiated as a result of President Obama’s prioritization of a new comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, the report stresses the importance of work with all the key players across the public and private sectors to combat cyber threats.

To access the report, click here.

ANSI president and CEO S. Joe Bhatia is featured explaining ANSI’s role in bridging the public and private sectors in cybersecurity solutions and addressing the issue from an enterprise-wise perspective. Larry Clinton, ISA president and CEO, provides additional background on the need for this hands-on framework and its collaborative development. And Symantec’s vice president and chief information security officer, Justin Somaini, describes the changing threat landscape in cyber risk and how The Financial Management of Cyber Risk can help companies mitigate this risk.

“ANSI and ISA’s publication of this document is in perfect alignment with the Administration’s goal of developing concrete solutions in cybersecurity through public-private partnerships that guide corporations in assessing and addressing cyber risk,” said Mr. Bhatia.

Footage from the March 31 press conference launching the release of the document is also included in the video. The event at the National Press Club drew 45 attendees, including 30 members of the media, for brief remarks from project leaders followed by a lively question-and-answer session with press. The lineup of speakers was as follows:

  • Karen Hughes, Director, Homeland Security Standards, ANSI

  • Larry Clinton, President, ISA

  • Brad Gow, Senior Vice President, Specialty Errors and Omissions, Zurich North America

  • Joe Buonomo, President and CEO, Direct Computer Resources, Inc.

  • Justin Somaini, Chief Information Security Officer, Symantec Corp.

For more about the press launch, visit ANSI’s Facebook page.

The Financial Management of Cyber Risk introduces a new framework for managing and reducing the financial risk related to cyber attacks, which threaten businesses, national security, and the international community. It is a pragmatic action plan that addresses cybersecurity from an enterprise-wide perspective. Developed by a task force of more than sixty industry and government experts, the 76-page document has been funded and managed by the private sector and is offered as a free resource on cyber risk mitigation for organizations across the country.

The document is available for free download at

To watch the video, visit ANSI’s YouTube site.

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