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Distinguished Recipients of 2003 ANSI Leadership and Service Awards Honored by Standards Community

New York, Oct 02, 2003

More than 150 members of the American National Standards Institute federation gathered on October 1, 2003, at the Marriott at Metro Center in Washington, DC. The event honored the thirteen distinguished recipients of the 2003 Leadership and Service Awards, one of many ANSI-sponsored events held in conjunction with the week-long celebration of World Standards Week 2003.

Serving as Master of Ceremonies, Dr. George W. Arnold, chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors, opened the awards ceremony with an acknowledgement of the honorees. “Each has played an active role in both the domestic and international arenas, working within their respective industries to facilitate the worldwide harmonization of technological and political issues, the global competitiveness of business, and the improved safety and health of the world’s citizens.”

The Awards Presentation began with the announcement of the seven winners of the 2003 Meritorious Service Awards, which are presented to individuals who have a record of significant contributions to voluntary standardization and have demonstrated outstanding service in enabling ANSI to achieve the objectives for which it was founded. Each Meritorious Service Award winner received a commemorative trophy, and was accompanied onstage by the individual that nominated him or her for the honor.

The Meritorious awards were followed with the presentation of the 2003 Leadership Awards to six deserving members of the standards and conformity assessment community. These individuals were recognized for their significant contributions to national and international standardization, and commitment to their industry, the nation and the enhancement of the global voluntary consensus standards system.

Among the evening's honorees was David Berlind, an editorial strategist for CNET as well as executive editor for both CNET and ZDNet. Mr. Berlind received the 2003 President's Award for Journalism. In his column called Reality Check, Mr. Berlind has championed and recommended the deployment of standards-based technologies instead of proprietary ones whenever possible. Mr. Berlind has routinely advised ZDNet's business technologist audience of how using standards-based technologies puts them in control of the cost, security, stability and performance of their information technology, whereas the use of proprietary technologies results in the sort of "lock-ins" that often relinquish control of those factors to vendors.

With the presentation of the 2003 Astin-Polk International Standards Medal, the assembly applauded R. David Thomas Jr., a dedicated member of the standards community for more than sixty years as a leader of technical committee work supporting the international welding industry since 1939. Mr. Thomas paid tribute to the memory of Dr. Allen Astin and Dr. Louis Polk, for whom the award is named, and their efforts to improving international metrology.

(l to r: George W. Arnold; Michael Hogan; David Berlind; Don Heirman; R. David Thomas; Henry Line)

The winners of the 2003 ANSI Leadership and Service awards are:

2003 President's Award for Journalism, presented to David Berlind, an editorial strategist at CNET, as well as executive editor for both CNET and ZDNet, Mr. Berlind has dedicated numerous articles to establishing mainstream coverage of standards as a priority by thoroughly investigating the standards ecosystem and educating his readers on the benefits of standardization.

2003 Edward Lohse Information Technology Medal recipient, Michael D. Hogan, the NIST management and policy representative on the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS). This award recognizes Mr. Hogan’s remarkable leadership in the standards community by actively promoting the importance of consensus, compromise and commitment to create market-relevant, timely standards.

2003 George S. Wham Leadership Medal recipient, Dr. Robert J. Hermann, a senior partner of Global Technology Partners, LLC, and Past Chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors. This award recognizes Dr. Hermann’s many contributions to the voluntary standardization community and his long-term leadership and visionary qualities in support of the ANSI Federation.

2003 Howard Coonley Medal recipient, Henry Line, retired director of standards and regulations for Caterpillar, Inc. This award recognizes Mr. Line’s many contributions to the voluntary standardization community and his personal involvement in advancing the use of standardization as a management tool.

2003 Finegan Standards Medal recipient, Donald Heirman, president of Don HEIRMAN Consultants. This award recognizes Mr. Heirman’s extraordinary leadership in the development and application of voluntary standards.

2003 Astin-Polk International Standards Medal recipient, R. David Thomas Jr., a leader of technical committee work supporting the international welding industry since 1939. During his career, he worked on the International Index of Welding Filler Metal Classifications, was influential in the development of the Schaeffler Diagram, and has also worked tirelessly to promote the use of metric units within the U.S. welding industry

(l to r: Maureen Breitenberg; Lois Ferson; JoAnne Overman; Robert Williams; Sharon Goldsmith. Not pictured: Mary Ellen Fise; Keith Mowry)

The winners of the 2003 Meritorious Service awards are:

  • Maureen Breitenberg, senior economist in the Standards Services Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST);
  • Lois M. Ferson, manager of standards services for the Society for Instrumentation, Systems and Automation (ISA);
  • Mary Ellen R. Fise, retired as general counsel for the Consumer Federation of America (CFA);
  • Sharon Goldsmith, international accreditation expert for the Personnel Certification Accreditation Committees, chair of ANSI-Conference for Food Protection Certification Accreditation Program Committee;
  • Keith Mowry, chair of International Conformity Assessment Committee (ICAC), member of Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) and the ANSI Accreditation Committee (ACC);
  • JoAnne R. Overman, standards specialist in the Standards Services Division, Technology Services of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); and
  • Robert Williams, director of standards at Underwriters Laboratories (UL).