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ISO Secretary-General Concludes U.S. Visit

Washington, DC, May 06, 2005

Alan Bryden, secretary-general of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), concluded a three-day visit to the United States May 3-5, which encompassed a series of several meetings with representatives of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and its members, and key government officials.

Standards and trade were key topics of discussion during a meeting with ANSI president and CEO Mark Hurwitz and members of the Department of Commerce, including Mr. Albert A. Frink, assistant secretary of commerce for manufacturing and services, and Ms. Michelle O’Neill, deputy under secretary of commerce for technology. Mr. Bryden spoke on the ISO perspective on standards in international trade.

A subsequent meeting with several officials from the International Trade Administration continued the exploration of this theme, including the emergence of China in world business and related standardization strategies. Officials from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative met with Mr. Bryden on the role of ISO and the World Trade Organization and the upcoming 4th Triennial Review of the WTO/TBT Agreement.

Mr. Bryden also followed up on discussions from his visit to the U.S. last year on partner standards developing organization (PSDO) agreements with ISO for the efficient development of International Standards. He was accompanied by the ISO deputy secretary general, Kevin McKinley, who met with representatives from ANSI, IEEE and ASTM International on ISO technical policy issues and potential ISO PSDO agreements.

Other key issues for ISO that were explored during Mr. Bryden’s visit included the development of the United States Standards Strategy, ISO’s Strategic Plan, technical assistance to developing countries, and security, social responsibility, and nanotechnology standardization activities in ISO.

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