ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSI Public Statements Policy

Statement of General Principles:

  • No individual member or volunteer of ANSI is authorized to make any written or oral statements to the public on behalf of or as a representative of ANSI except as expressly provided herein or authorized by ANSI’s Communications Department;
  • ANSI Committees (including Committees of ANSI, Policy Advisory Groups, Counsels, or Forums) are authorized to publicly issue or disseminate resolutions, decisions, rulings, statements, minutes, agendas, and like documents in accordance with their Operating Procedures only through duly-authorized ANSI staff persons assigned to assist such entity;
  • The Chair or President of any ANSI Policy Advisory Group or Council (or such Chair’s designee) may speak at seminars, workshops, and forums on matters pertaining to issues properly delegated by the ANSI By-Laws to such Policy Advisory Group or Council.
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