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Accreditation Process Summary

 See also "Additional Info about the Application for Accreditation as an ANS Developer".

The accreditation process involves a number of steps, including:

  • Staff review of application materials
  • Public review announcement in Standards Action that includes the type of procedures submitted or adopted and the scope of the standards activity
  • Public comment period of 30 to 60 days if the developer submits its own procedures - this public review period includes a review of the procedures and the proposed scope
  • Review by the ExSC's Sub-committee on Accreditation via a three-week letter ballot (if the developer is using its own procedures)
  • Comment consideration and response by the applicant to any comments received from the public, the ExSC sub-committee or the ExSC
  • Review by the full ExSC via a 20 working-day letter ballot, followed by additional comment resolution if necessary
  • If substantive changes are made to a developer's procedures during the course of the accreditation process, additional public review periods may be necessary
  • Negative votes with comments submitted by ExSC members are recirculated to the full ExSC via a 15 working-day letter ballot
  • If there are not sufficient votes to approve, or one or more ExSC members wishes to discuss an application, it will be placed on the next regularly scheduled ExSC meeting if possible
  • The decision of the ExSC is conveyed to the applicant, those on record, if any, objecting to the accreditation, and announced in Standards Action
  • The decision of the ExSC may be appealed to the ExSC and finally to the ANSI Appeals Board.

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