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USNC Premier Members
USNC Premier Members are entitled to unlimited membership in over 170 USNC Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) for their employees without paying Individual TAG Participation Fees. Additional benefits of Premier Membership include the ability to nominate candidates for USNC Officer positions, as well as membership on our USNC policy committees; brand visibility and logo placement for your organization on USNC communication outlets; and eligibility for discount on IEC and other selected standards from the ANSI web store.

The USNC operates on the basis of Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), one for each IEC technical committee, subcommittee, and systems committee on which the USNC is a “Participating” (“P”) Member. TAGs develop U.S. positions on technical – and certain policy – issues that are under consideration within the IEC technical committee structure. A TAG consists of and is open to all U.S. nationally interested parties (companies, organizations, government agencies, etc.) directly and materially affected by the work of the IEC TC/SC/SyC.

IEC TC/SC/SyC Chairs
The chair of a committee acts in a purely international capacity and is responsible for the overall management of that committee.

IEC Conformity Assessment Systems
The IEC CA Systems – IECEE (electrotechnical equipment), IECEx (explosive atmospheres), IECQ (quality assessment system), and IECRE (renewable energy) – each cover a dedicated segment of electrotechnology.

USNC Officers
The USNC is comprised of four officers: President, VP – Finance, VP – Technical, VP – Conformity Assessment, with support from the USNC General Secretary.

USNC Policy Committees
The USNC is comprised of three policy-setting committees: USNC Council, Technical Management Committee (TMC), and Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee (CAPCC). These three committees mirror the IEC’s Council, Standardization Management Board (SMB), and Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) respectively.

IEC TC/SC/SyC Secretaries
The secretary or assistant secretary is appointed by the National Committee assigned the TC/SC Secretariat, and is responsible for administrative support and project management.

IEC WG Convenors
When a committee has decided to set up a working group (WG), a convenor shall immediately be appointed to oversee WG projects.

IEC Governance Board Representatives
IEC Governance Board representatives serve in the IEC Council, Council Board, Market Strategy Board, Standardization Management Board, and Conformity Assessment Board.

IEC Secretariats
National Body which has been assigned, by mutual agreement, the responsibility for providing technical and administrative services to an IEC technical committee or subcommittee.

IEC technical committee, subcommittee, and systems committee.