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ANSI-Accredited U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 260 – Human Resource Management

This U.S. Technical Advisory Group (U.S. TAG) formulates positions and proposals on behalf of the United States in response to the ISO Technical Committee 260 (ISO/TC 260) – Human Resource Management. The U.S. TAG provides representation for the United States at international meetings of ISO/TC 260, and nominates U.S. experts to participate in the technical development of the standards.

About ISO/TC 260 – Human Resource Management

ISO/TC 260 was formed in 2011 to support organizations in the professional management of their workforce. These HRM standards offer broad, evidence-based guidance to individuals with people management responsibilities, whether formally or informally assigned, in organizations for the benefit of both internal and external stakeholders.

ISO/TC 260 standards focus on current and anticipated issues in people management. The standards developed are designed to assist in recruitment, retention, and developing workforce, as well as improving workforce effectiveness and productivity, satisfaction, engagement and focus.

These standards, based on input from HR experts globally, are designed to provide guidance on key HR functions in support of its workforce and its management, and sustainable organizational performance.

The U.S. currently holds the Secretariat position for ISO/TC 260.

U.S. TAG Membership

Membership to the TAG is open to all U.S. national interested parties who indicate that they are directly and materially affected by the activity of the TAG. The organizational members of the TAG include any parties interested in the coordination and development of HR management standards.

TAG members receive copies of the documents distributed by the ISO/TC, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the formation of the U.S. position by submitting comments and votes.

The TAG is actively seeking new members to participate, and encourages any interested parties to reach out with any questions.

ANSI administers the US TAG to ISO/TC 260, with the TAG Administrator role assigned to Michaela Miller (; the TAG Chair is Lorelei Carobolante (

If you are interested in joining the TAG, please contact the TAG Administrator and Chair.

 Download TAG Membership Application

Current Work Program

ISO/TC 260 has many published standards and technical specifications, as well as in various stages of development and revision to ensure relevance.

Notable published standards include Vocabulary, Knowledge Management Systems, Workforce Planning, and Internal and External Human Capital Reporting.

Some standards that are currently under development include Employee Engagement, Occupational Health and Safety Metrics, and Diversity and Inclusion.

 Current published standards.

 Standards in development.

Organizational Structure

Working Group Title Convenor
ISO/TC 260/WG 1 Terminology UK – Heather Bond
ISO/TC 260/WG 2 Metrics Australia – Neil McCormick
ISO/TC 260/WG 4 Workforce management USA - Lisa Disselkamp
ISO/TC 260/WG 5 Recruitment Germany – Harald Ackerschott
ISO/TC 260/WG 6 Knowledge Management Israel – Moira Levy
ISO/TC 260/WG 7 Human Capital Reporting Germany – Stefanie Becker
ISO/TC 260/WG 8 Diversity and inclusion US – Effenus Henderson
ISO/TC 260/WG 9 Employee Engagement UK – Fiona Robson
ISO/TC 260/WG 11 Learning and Development UK – Valerie Anderson

Contact Information

For further information, or any questions, please contact the TAG Administrator and/or TAG Chair.

TAG Administrator: Michaela Miller,
TAG Chair: Lorelei Carobolante,

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