ANSI - American National Standards Institute

International Workshop on Standardization for Emergency Preparedness

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), with support from and in cooperation with the New York University (NYU) International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (INTERCEP), is pleased to announce an international workshop on the subject of emergency preparedness. This workshop is being convened in direct response to the urgent request from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Strategic Advisory Group on Security, to address the critical need for an international standard for emergency preparedness.

Dates: April 24-26, 2006
Location: Villa La Pietra International Conference Center of New York University, Florence, Italy
Purpose: No international standard currently exists for emergency preparedness. Yet, recent large-scale disasters ranging from tsunamis and hurricanes to earthquakes and terrorism underscore the importance of consensus guidance and international coordination in emergency readiness, response, and recovery efforts. The purpose of the meeting will be to reach an International Workshop Agreement (IWA), to be published by ISO, for emergency preparedness and operational continuity.
Process: Given the urgency of the need and the significant time frame necessary to develop a new standard, the forum will focus on existing consensus-based national standards and guidance in the area of emergency management. These standards have been submitted and provided to all registered participants for review and comment. At the meeting, activity will focus on the evaluation of submitted standards and their applicability for the International Workshop Agreement. The IWA will be published by ISO and is anticipated to be subject to further evolution into an ISO standard.
Participation: All ISO member bodies are invited to promote the workshop nationally and to encourage participation. Organizations involved with emergency preparedness and operational continuity are welcome and encouraged to attend. To make the necessary meeting arrangements and insure sufficient space, pre-registration is required.
Agenda and Documents: The second draft agenda has been recently circulated. The document register lists the contributions that have been submitted, including the national standards that will be reviewed at the meeting.
Contacts: The contact from NYU InterCEP is its Executive Director, Bill Raisch (, 1.212.998.2000).
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