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Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel: Report and Webinar

ANSI-BBB IDSP Final Report


The ANSI-BBB IDSP Final Report, released January 31, 2008, helps to arm businesses, government agencies, and other organizations with the tools needed to protect themselves and their customers against the theft and misuse of personal and financial information. Developed through a partnership of more than 70 leading organizations from the public and private sectors, the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) created this single, comprehensive resource of standards, guidelines, and best practices related to identity theft and fraud prevention. [see related article]

The report considers the entire life cycle of identity management: the issuance of identity documents by government and commercial entities, the acceptance and exchange of identity data, and the ongoing maintenance and management of identity information. Hundreds of documents – including applicable laws, regulations, proposed legislation, white papers, and research studies and reports – are identified and catalogued.

The report also includes recommendations for businesses and government agencies to:

  • enhance the security of identity issuance processes to facilitate greater interoperability between the government and commercial sectors;
  • improve the integrity of identity credentials;
  • strengthen best practices for authentication;
  • augment data security management best practices such as those relating to the use and storage of Social Security numbers;
  • create uniform guidance for organizations on data breach notification and remediation;
  • increase consumer understanding of ID theft preventative strategies, including the benefits and limitations of security freezes.


This 20 page summary is an excerpt from Volume I: Findings and Recommendations.

Volume I: Findings and Recommendations
This 134 page volume comprises the Panel’s findings and recommendations for areas needing new or updated standards, guidelines, best practices or compliance systems.

Volume II: Standards Inventory
This 124 page volume comprises the Panel’s complete catalog of existing standards, guidelines, best practices and compliance systems.


January 31, 2008 (2-3 p.m. EST)

Key analysts, industry leaders, and members of the IDSP discussed the Panel’s findings and recommended next steps during a one-hour webinar.


  • Opening Remarks and Introductions – IDSP Chair
  • Overview of IDSP Process and Deliverables – IDSP Chair
  • Findings and Recommendations – IDSP Working Group Co-Chairs
  • Industry Analyst Perspectives
  • Question & Answer Period


 IDSP Webinar Audio Replay

 IDSP Webinar Powerpoint Presentation

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