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The International Policy Advisory Group (IPAG) provides views and proposes policies regarding regional and international standards and conformity assessment issues, including related public policy issues. IPAG typically meets twice per year.

The IPAG responds to requests for input from time to time from the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Committees of ANSI, other PAGS, and Member Forums. The IPAG reports to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, and follows the Operating Procedures of the International Policy Advisory Group.

IPAG-NPAG Joint Task Force on Conformity Assessment

The IPAG-NPAG Joint Task Force on Conformity Assessment is a collaborative activity of the ANSI International Policy Advisory Group (IPAG) and National Policy Advisory Group (NPAG). The scope of the task force is to provide a user perspective on emerging issues, informed by advice and input from conformity assessment (CA) service providers; to consider the potential impact of an increasingly complex standardization environment; and provide advice to the IPAG and NPAG.

Key focus areas for the IPAG include:

  • U.S. positions on the ISO/IEC/ITU-I World Standards Cooperation (WSC), as a result of coordination with and input from the AIC and the USNC
  • ANSI’s international and global outreach to promote U.S. standardization principles and solutions
  • Strategies, identification and advancement of U.S. persons into international and regional leadership positions except as otherwise delegated by the ANSI Board of Directors to another body
  • Ensuring that ANSI’s efforts in both IEC and ISO related to global relevancy of international standards are coordinated to the extent possible and that support for these efforts is advanced in the regional fora
  • Standards and conformity assessment and their relationships to international trade and the WTO
  • Private- and public-sector cooperation on U.S. strategies regarding international and regional standards and conformity assessment

Members & Officers

Membership in the IPAG is open to all ANSI members. Each ANSI member is entitled to a single vote on the PAG. IPAG members are not acting in a fiduciary capacity but they must act in accordance with ANSI's Code of Conduct at all times.



International Policy Advisory Group Member Documents


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