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GMF Overview

The ANSI Government Member Forum (GMF) provides a forum for the discussion of government standards and conformity assessment issues, as they relate to ANSI and its members. Representatives of virtually every federal department participate in the ANSI GMF.

GMF Functions & Procedures

As a membership forum of ANSI, the functions of the ANSI Government Member Forum include the following:

  • Provide a venue for discussion, networking, and information exchange among members from a defined interest category
  • Provide a mechanism for early warning and intelligence gathering on relevant trends
  • Address issues of interest to their membership category and galvanize implementation at their constituent level
  • Identify broader-based issues to be addressed by an identified ANSI governance body
  • Assume an active role in ANSI membership recruitment and retention
  • Serve as the one place within ANSI where participants can represent their own organization’s interests

In addition to the general functions described above, the GMF shall assist governmental entities in voluntary standards development activities and encourage participation by governmental agencies in the voluntary standards and conformity assessment process.


GMF Members and Officers

Each government agency member of ANSI automatically becomes a member of the Forum and is entitled to receive documents and send representatives to meetings. The Government Member Forum shall consist of one representative from each government member.

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GMF Chair


U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission

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Staff Contact

Mary Saunders

Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy