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ANSI Standards Developer
Accreditation Process

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Maintaining Accreditation

ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers (ASD)s must comply with a set of ongoing maintenance activities and requirements to keep their accreditation status active. Failure to comply results in suspension or withdrawal of an accreditation.

Maintenance of standards development procedures

Maintain your procedures for voluntary consensus standards development in compliance with ANSI’s Essential Requirements, and submit an Annual Compliance Form aligned with any changes to the Essential Requirements:

  • ANSI typically publishes updates to its Essential Requirements annually and issues you a compliance form containing a summary of the revisions and a deadline for response.
  • You must ensure that your existing procedures comply with these procedural revisions, or revise your procedures to comply.
  • Submit the compliance form indicating either that the ANSI revisions do not affect your existing procedures or that your procedures have been revised accordingly.
If you revise your procedures for any reason, you must submit them to ANSI for a mandatory reaccreditation.

Annual Accreditation Fees

  • Pay ANSI Full Organizational Membership dues or the equivalent as an annual Maintenance of Accreditation fee
  • Pay an annual National Activity Assessment (NAA) fee based on the number of American National Standards (ANS) maintained by the ASD: Once accredited, a new ASD is charged a pro-rated NAA fee for the first partial year of accreditation only (calculated as of the month following accreditation, based on a percentage of the NAA fee for ASDs with 0-3 American National Standards (ANS)). Thereafter, an ASD is charged an annual NAA based upon the number of ANS it maintains.

The following National Activity Assessment fee schedule applies in 2020-2021:

Number of ANS Sponsored 2020-2021 NAA
0-3 $2,825
4-54 $6,115
55-164 $9,360
165-264 $13,095
265-324 $16,810
325-404 $19,625
405-524 $22,405
525-604 $26,790
605-1000 $28,915
1001-2000 $35,445
2001+ $48,845


See the requirements of ANSI’s Audit Program

Here’s what you need to know

Section 4.1.3 of ANSI's Essential Requirements covers "Maintenance of accreditation."

See section 4.1.3

Useful tips

Want to know what changes have been made to ANSI's Essential Requirements? See a summary of revisions from 2003 to 2019

You can conduct an self-audit anytime to help with your own compliance: See Annexes A and B of the ANSI Auditing Policy and Procedures

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