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It's a time of great transformation in the standardization community and the world, requiring strategic leadership and cooperation to navigate change and implement solutions for success—and ANSI's been on it.

Change is not just a challenge but an opportunity to lead and innovate. On behalf of everyone at ANSI, we're excited to share how we're embracing the big changes happening across our community, nation, and world with strategic vision and concrete action.

Globally, competition for technology-driven advantages is intensifying, especially in emerging areas like AI and quantum computing, with more public and private players engaging in standards, looking for a leg up. And as economic, security, societal, and public health challenges continue to raise the stakes everywhere, the push to develop globally accepted standards and conformity assessment solutions—as well as the spotlight on those activities—are greater now than ever.

In this 2022-2023 Annual Report, "Impact and Innovation," you'll find highlights of the diverse activities ANSI and its affiliates, Workcred and the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), have undertaken over the past year to bolster our standards and conformity assessment system and meet evolving needs head-on. We're diving into new ways of working to turbocharge our effectiveness, and expanding our horizons with partnerships across sectors getting even stronger. We're spreading the word on the importance of standards education and effective U.S. participation, taking actions to protect the integrity of our system, and rallying stakeholders to take on standardization-related challenges and initiate solutions together. 

This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of our strategic vision and initiatives. We invite you to scroll through this report for a quick overview, and dive deeper into some of the exciting accomplishments across our priority areas through data-driven infographics, reports, videos, and links.

As always, a key theme in all of our endeavors is cooperation. We're profoundly grateful for our members, partners, constituents, and stakeholders all across the standardization community who drive everything we do, as well as our outstanding staff making it happen. And special thanks go to the exceptional leaders on the ANSI Board of Directors, whose strategic vision and commitment are ensuring we navigate change, position ourselves for success, and build even greater opportunities for innovation and impact in standardization. 

Best regards,


Joe Bhatia                                    Phil Piqueira

Headshot of Joe Bhatia.

Joe Bhatia,
President & CEO

"I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to Phil Piqueira as he completes his term as ANSI Board Chair. Phil, it's been a privilege to work beside you, and your leadership has positioned ANSI for great success and impact in the future." 
—Joe Bhatia

Phil Piqueira,

"Thank you to everyone at ANSI for their outstanding work and dedicated support throughout my time as Board Chair. It's been an honor to contribute to the strategic vision needed to navigate change and strengthen our standardization system for tomorrow."
—Phil Piqueira


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