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ANSI's newsletter subscriptions and special publications provide the latest news, activity updates, and expert insights on topics of interest to ANSI members and the broader standards and conformity assessment community in the United States and globally.

Newsletters Available for Subscription

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Subscribe to one or more of ANSI's free newsletters by submitting the form at right. You will then receive an email with a link to select and confirm which of the newsletters you would like to subscribe to:

Standards Action is ANSI's key public review vehicle for domestic and international standards development activities. Published weekly and freely available by download or email subscription, Standards Action is intended to facilitate review and consensus in standards development by all interested parties.

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What's New? is ANSI's weekly newsletter, providing access to the Institute’s latest news articles, event listings, publications, and more. Published every Monday, it’s available by free email subscription to ANSI members and anyone interested in keeping up with activities, opportunities, and issues impacting the standardization community.

Congressional Standards Update (CSU) is a free monthly electronic newsletter providing members of Congress and staff with relevant ANSI news and information on standards and conformity assessment issues impacting the global competitiveness of U.S. business and quality of life.

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After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail with a link to select and confirm your subscriptions. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail - please first attempt to resubmit the form. If a confirmation email is still not received, contact [email protected] for help.

Other SPECIAL Publications

An ANSI full member benefit, the Government Relations and Public Policy Monthly Update features a roundup of expert insights on government trends and policy issues that may impact the standardization community from ANSI's vice president, government relations and public policy, Mary Saunders.

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The USNC Current is a free quarterly email newsletter for the electrotechnology standardization community, summarizing latest activities, events, and areas of interest for the U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The ANSI in China Newsletter provides a quarterly update on ANSI’s China Program, technical activities, policy decisions, trade matters, and other information of interest to ANSI members and partners operating in or with China. The newsletter is available in a Mandarin Chinese version targeted toward a China-based audience, and an English version targeted toward a U.S.-based audience (available to ANSI members only).

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The ANSI in Africa Newsletter is a new publication that includes two distinct versions: a Special Publication available exclusively to ANSI members, and a newsletter geared towards an African audience available for all interested stakeholders. Contributions for upcoming ANSI in Africa Newsletter editions are accepted for review and possible publication, subject to revision by the editors. Submit proposed news items, send questions and comments on Africa’s standardization efforts, and provide any other feedback to [email protected]

ANSI’s International Policy and Standards Alert (IPSA) is an email digest that offers a concise snapshot of key policy initiatives around the world that can impact standardization. ANSI also intends for this to be an opportunity for members to provide feedback on the issues that are highlighted in the digest.

The first IPSA was initially shared with the ANSI International Policy Advisory Group (IPAG) on March 5, 2024, covering the EU Standards Strategy and the impact for U.S. private sector; the U.S.-EU Technology and Trade Council (TTC); and the potential renewal of the U.S.-Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). With the second volume, ANSI is now pleased to extend the IPSA to all interested ANSI members. Past editions can be viewed by ANSI members here. To receive new editions, email [email protected].

A summary and presentation of ANSI’s accomplishments and financial activities over the past year, and goals for the future as presented by the chairman and president.

View 2022 Annual Report

A guidance document providing a strategic overview of how the United States develops standards and participates in the international standards-setting process.

A guidance document articulating the principles for U.S. conformity assessment activities that will allow all stakeholders to have confidence in the processes of providing conformity assessment, while avoiding the creation of unnecessary barriers to trade.

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