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Standards Learning for Every Knowledge Level

ANSI offers an array of training courses on various aspects of the standardization system, from an informational overview of standards and their development, to specific skills and strategies for domestic and international participants. Newcomers will benefit from an introductory course that highlights the value of getting involved in standards activities. Those looking to expand their standards knowledge and careers will gain insights and discover new options for engagement. And seasoned professionals will learn a variety of specialized techniques to assist in successfully influencing standards development activities and maximizing the benefits of participation.

Each program is supported by an extensive infrastructure of staff and experts. This team is adept at responding to specific issues within the standards community and will work to ensure that you walk away with a thorough understanding of the topic and an action plan for success.

Course Listings

Some courses are available online anytime, others are scheduled periodically as live webinars, and a number of in-person workshops are hosted at ANSI’s offices or other locations. See the designation – online anytime, scheduled webinar, or in-person – with each listing below.

Scheduled courses with upcoming sessions have dates listed and registration links.

This course provides an overview of the most important characteristics a leader should possess and offers strategies to develop and hone these skills. It also gives you practical guidance on leadership in the standards setting environment. The course is applicable to any leadership role – both leaders just starting out as well as experienced leaders looking for a great self-check.

The course is divided into the following parts:

  • Leadership Concept and Principles
  • Leadership Roles

Please note: While the information in this course is valid and useful, there are a few mentions of outdated resources that were previously available on has recently been retired, and all up-to-date, relevant content has been integrated into this new Education section of Additional updated resources will be added throughout this section in the future.


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Gain greater understanding and guidance on the practical application of the American National Standard (ANS) development process and procedures, and the value of ANSI accreditation. Learn why U.S. voluntary consensus standards are important, the types of accreditation, all the stages in the standards development process, and how to make the most of participation in standards development. This course is an excellent "nuts and bolts" preparation for those who are considering becoming an ANSI-accredited standards developer.

Participants will learn about:

  • Benefits of standardization
  • ANSI's role in the U.S. standardization system
  • Accreditation
  • What is accreditation?
    • Why ANSI accredits standards developers
    • Benefits and value of the accreditation process
    • Methods of accreditation
    • Steps in the accreditation process
    • Key ANSI committees and procedural documents
  • American National Standards (ANS) Development Process:
    • Procedures that govern the ANSI process
    • Development stages
    • Demonstrating and determining consensus
    • Public review
    • Maintenance of standards and accreditation
    • Supplements
    • Interpretations
    • Harmonization
    • Adoption of international standards
    • Required policies: appeals, patent, record retention, metric, interpretations, and commercial terms and conditions
  • Appeals:
    • Understanding the appeals process:
    • Types of appeals
      • to a Standards Developer
      • to the Board of Standards Review
      • to the Executive Standards Council
      • to the Appeals Board
  • Audit Program:
    • Purpose and scope
    • How audits can benefit standard developers
    • How the audit is conducted
    • Contents of the audit report
  • Tips and Techniques for Effective Participation:
    • How to integrate the standard development process within your organization
    • How to prepare for participation
    • Meeting preparation and conduct
    • How to handle objections and build consensus
    • Evidence of consensus
    • Identifying and involving participants

Who should attend?

Staff from standards developing organizations; standards committee members, officers and administrators; corporate standards personnel; subject matter/technical experts; and those who want to learn more about how to develop American National Standards.

FEE: $395 ANSI Member; $495 Non-Member | IN-PERSON

No dates currently scheduled.

These interactive 30-minute webinars — held on the first Friday of each month — are hosted live and provide an overview of ANSI’s activities, as well as information on how to take full advantage of ANSI membership. A Q&A session encourages active dialogue between all participants.

Participants will learn more about:

  • Ways to contribute and develop important connections in your field
  • International standards and their impact on you and your business
  • The vital role international standards play in reducing costs at every level and ensuring quality, safety, and interoperability
  • The role of U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) and the qualifications to serve on a TAG
  • Which technical areas are currently working in collaboratives and workshops and how you can be part of the action
  • How the U.S. standardization system aligns with the World Trade Organization (WTO’s) internationally recognized principles for standards development
  • Exclusive discounts and access to standardization events, including World Standards Week.

This course is best experienced in Internet Explorer and with the use of headphones or speakers that are separate from your computer.


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Required Courses for COMMITTEE MANAGERS of ISO Committees and SECRETARIES OF U.S. TAGs

The following courses are mandatory for all U.S. persons serving as a committee manager to an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee or as a U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) secretary to an ISO committee. Registration is required and is limited to individuals in these roles.

Mandatory for U.S. TAG secretaries; registration required

Instructions: Click on REGISTER to access the course homepage; then click SIGN UP (or LOGIN, if you’ve previously signed up) in the top right corner of the screen; then scroll down and follow each U.S. TAG Module (1-6) in succession.


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Mandatory for U.S. committee managers of ISO committees; registration required

Instructions: Click on REGISTER to access the course homepage; then click SIGN UP (or LOGIN, if you’ve previously signed up) in the top right corner of the screen; then scroll down and follow each Secretariat Module (1-4) in succession.


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Mandatory for both U.S. TAG secretaries and U.S. committee managers of ISO committees


In May 2020, a new version of the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, and ISO Supplement was issued that incorporated a number of changes to how ISO committees conduct their work. Those changes are detailed in this training course.

This course is required for those U.S. persons serving as ISO TC, SC, and PC committee managers and those persons serving as U.S. TAGs administrators for ISO TCs, SCs, and PCs. It is also recommended for U.S. persons serving as chairs and convenors of ISO committees and working groups, as well as chairs of U.S. TAGs.

Other U.S. persons who serve as members of U.S. TAGs or as delegates and experts to ISO committee and working group meetings may also be interested in the content of this course.

Instructions: After completing this course, you must submit a Course Completion Form (see below) to comply with the ANSI Executive Standards Council requirement for training on new changes to the ISO Directives, processes, and procedures that are introduced each year.


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