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FEE Schedule

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Activity Fees

Participation in a number of specific activities overseen by ANSI are subject to assessment fees in addition to ANSI Membership dues. These activities include:

  • Development of American National Standards by ANSI-accredited standards developers (National Activity Assessment)
  • Holding ISO, IEC, and/or ISO/IEC JTC 1 Secretariats (International Secretariat Assessment)
  • Administering U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) for ISO, IEC, and/or ISO/IEC JTC 1 committees or subcommittees (International P-Membership Assessment)

See the fee schedules for these activities below. (Note: USNC Premier Membership and participation in the IPRPAG also have additional fees.)

National Activity Assessment

The national activity assessment supports the American National Standards (ANS) process infrastructure and is based on the total number of American National Standards sponsored by the standards developer; this fee includes the costs associated with the mandatory routine audit applicable to all ANSI-accredited standards developers.

2024 National Activity Assessment

International Activity Assessment

There are two types of international assessments – each calculated separately – that are applied based on the following schedules in addition to the full member dues of relevant ANSI Members.

Secretariats Assessment 2024 Fee

The first component is applied to ANSI members that hold ISO, IEC, and/or ISO/IEC JTC 1 secretariats. Assessments are based upon the number of ISO, IEC, and/or JTC 1 Technical Committee (TC) and/or Subcommittee (SC) secretariats administered.

See Secretariats Assessment 2024 Fee

P-Memberships Assessment 2024 Fee

The second component is applied to members that administer U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). The assessments are based on the number of ISO, IEC, and/or JTC 1 TCs and/or SCs for which the organization administers a U.S. TAG (i.e., “P” memberships). Organizations that administer ISO and ISO/IEC JTC 1–related U.S. TAGs will be assessed an ISO-specific program fee of $575 per participating (“P”) membership (based on the number of ISO TCs and/or SCs for which the organization administers a U.S. TAG).

Organizations that administer over 10 P-memberships or secretariats should contact Sara Desautels, director, ISO P-membership services ([email protected]), for more information concerning international assessment fees.

See P-Memberships Assessment 2024 Fee