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ANSI Standards Action

Standards Action is ANSI's free weekly publication covering current standards development activities in the U.S. and internationally

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Standards Action provides timely, accurate information about current standards development work in which ANSI plays a role. The publication is designed to facilitate participation in the American National Standards (ANS) development process and other domestic, regional, and international standardization activities advanced by ANSI.

Announcements and notices in Standards Action include:

Weekly edition

Each weekly edition – available by download or free email subscription – comprises a round-up of the latest information available, to help all interested parties get informed and engaged in standards activities.

American National Standards (ANS):
Proposals & Approvals

In addition to the timely ANS information provided in Standards Action, ANSI compiles and publishes updated lists of all proposed and approved American National Standards.

Staff Contacts

Harvey Rosenfeld

Electronic Editorial and Production Specialist