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Among ANSI’s key priorities is increasing outreach to diverse areas of industry to communicate the value and impact of standards and drive active participation. While some sectors such as manufacturing, food production, and construction have relied upon standards and conformity assessment and been heavily engaged in standardization activities for decades, other emerging areas may not be as active.

In either case, there are often great opportunities to drive safety, efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation through greater reliance on and participation in standards. ANSI actively reaches out to assess the landscape across diverse industry sectors through engagement activities including the following:

Standards Coordination for Growth Industries

As innovation and technologies advance all the time and business opportunities expand, ANSI works with its members and stakeholders to anticipate and address key standards development needs for growth markets. By assessing research and trends and linking emerging technologies with U.S. priorities, ANSI identifies potential areas for standards coordination and proposes appropriate activities that meet the broadest needs.

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