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U.S.-Held ISO Secretariats

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For each International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) or Subcommittee (SC), one member country holds the Secretariat, providing administrative leadership for the activity.

The United States currently holds more than 100 ISO or joint ISO/IEC TC and SC Secretariats (see separate page for information on ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1). There must be a U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for each committee for which the U.S. holds a Secretariat.

ANSI-Administered Secretariats

In the majority of cases, ANSI delegates ISO committee Secretariats to other U.S. organizations with expertise and engagement in a particular industry sector. But ANSI staff does directly administer a number of Secretariats at the request of specific industries or other ANSI constituents; see ANSI-Administered Secretariats.

For information on the processes by which U.S.-held ISO Secretariats are delegated and administered, as well as their responsibilities and oversight, see sections 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 (including subsections) of the ANSI International Procedures.

ISO Secretariats Held by the United States

ISO/TC 5/SC 10, Metallic flanges and their joints

ISO/TC 8/SC 1, Maritime safety

ISO/TC 8/SC 2, Marine environment protection

ISO/TC 8/SC 3, Piping and machinery

ISO/TC 17/SC 11, Steel castings

ISO/TC 20, Aircraft and space vehicles

ISO/TC 20/SC 13, Space data and information transfer systems

ISO/TC 20/SC 14, Space systems and operations

ISO/TC 20/SC 16, Unmanned aircraft systems

ISO/TC 20/SC 17, Airport infrastructure

ISO/TC 21/SC 5, Fixed firefighting systems using water

ISO/TC 22/SC 34, Propulsion, powertrain and powertrain fluids

ISO/TC 22/SC 39, Ergonomics

ISO/TC 23/SC 13, Powered lawn and garden equipment

ISO/TC 23/SC 14, Operator controls, operator symbols and other displays, operator manuals

ISO/TC 23/SC 2, Common tests

ISO/TC 31, Tyres, rims and valves

ISO/TC 31/SC 7, Industrial tyres and rims

ISO/TC 34/SC 16, Horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis

ISO/TC 35/SC 15, Protective coatings: concrete surface preparation and coating application

ISO/TC 36, Cinematography

ISO/TC 41/SC 4, Synchronous belt drives

ISO/TC 42, Photography

ISO/TC 43/SC 3, Underwater acoustics

ISO/TC 44/SC 11, Qualification requirements for welding and allied processes personnel

ISO/TC 44/SC 3, Welding consumables

ISO/TC 44/SC 15, Underwater welding

ISO/TC 46/SC 9, Identification and description

ISO/TC 58/SC 4, Operational requirements for gas cylinders

ISO/TC 60, Gears

ISO/TC 67/SC 4, Drilling and production equipment

ISO/TC 68, Financial services

ISO/TC 69, Applications of statistical methods 

ISO/TC 79/SC 9, Symbolization

ISO/TC 86, Refrigeration and air-conditioning

ISO/TC 86/SC 1, Safety and environmental requirements for refrigerating systems

ISO/TC 86/SC 8, Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants

ISO/TC 92/SC 2, Fire containment

ISO/TC 96/SC 6, Mobile cranes

ISO/TC 104, Freight containers

ISO/TC 106/SC 2, Prosthodontic materials

ISO/TC 106/SC 8, Dental implants

ISO/TC 108, Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring

ISO/TC 115/SC 3, Installation and special application

ISO/TC 121, Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment

ISO/TC 121/SC 2, Airways and related equipment

ISO/TC 121/SC 3, Respiratory devices and related equipment used for patient care

ISO/TC 121/SC 4, Vocabulary and semantics

ISO/TC 121/SC 6, Medical gas supply systems

ISO/TC 127, Earth-moving machinery

ISO/TC 127/SC 2, Safety, ergonomics and general requirements

ISO/TC 131, Fluid power systems

ISO/TC 131/SC 4, Connectors and similar products and components

ISO/TC 145/SC 3, Graphical symbols for use on equipment

ISO/TC 146/SC 2, Workplace atmospheres

ISO/TC 146/SC 3, Ambient atmospheres

ISO/TC 150/SC 2, Cardiovascular implants and extracorporeal systems

ISO/TC 150/SC 5, Osteosynthesis and spinal devices

ISO/TC 150/SC 6, Active implants

ISO/TC 164/SC 4, Fatigue, fracture and toughness testing

ISO/TC 171/SC 2, Document file formats, EDMS systems and authenticity of information

ISO/TC 176/SC 1, Concepts and terminology

ISO/TC 184/SC 4, Industrial data

ISO/TC 184/SC 5, Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications

ISO/TC 185, Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure

ISO/TC 189, Ceramic tile

ISO/TC 192, Gas turbines

ISO/TC 198, Sterilization of health care products

ISO/TC 201/SC 1, Terminology

ISO/TC 201/SC 2, General procedures

ISO/TC 204, Intelligent transport systems

ISO/TC 205, Building environment design

ISO/TC 207/SC 4, Environmental performance evaluation

ISO/TC 209, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments

ISO/TC 210, Quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices

ISO/TC 212, Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems

ISO/TC 214, Elevating work platforms

ISO/TC 215, Health informatics

ISO/TC 258, Project, programme and portfolio management

ISO/TC 260, Human resource management

ISO/TC 301, Energy management and energy savings

ISO/TC 304, Healthcare organization management

ISO/PC 305, Sustainable non-sewered sanitation systems

ISO/TC 327, Natural stones

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