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Approval of American National
Standards (ANS)

Submitting standards for approval as ANS

Once your organization is accredited by ANSI to develop American National Standards (ANS), you are eligible to submit individual standards for approval as ANS.

ANSI's approval of an ANS is based on an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer's (ASD's) successful demonstration that consensus has been achieved and that the standard's development complied with ANSI’s Essential Requirements and oversight via a submission and review process that has two main phases:

  • Proposed standard phase: Including the submission and publication of an initial proposal for a new or revised ANS and assessment of any claims of conflict or duplication with an existing ANS
  • Draft standard phase: Including the submission and announcement of a draft standard for voting, commenting, and resolution of all votes and comments received on a proposed ANS, and appeals options
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Steps to Approval of an American National Standard (ANS)

Click on Step 1 to get started, or on any individual step for more details including relevant requirements, policies, forms, and guidance.

While numbered here chronologically, some steps can be undertaken concurrently, and the order in which they are implemented may vary based on an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer’s own procedures.

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