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Board of Directors

The members of the ANSI Nominating Committee are appointed to recommend candidates for seats on the ANSI Board of Directors and the Board’s leadership. The candidates they recommend will represent diversity and a balance of interests from the ANSI Federation.


The mission of the ANSI Board of Directors is to...

  • Approve the strategic direction of the Institute as reflected in a planning or framework document.
  • Approve the annual budget.
  • Approve changes to the membership fee structure.
  • Approve appointments to Board Committees.
  • Approve a decision to employ or discontinue the employment of the President.
  • Elect Board Officers and fill vacancies on the Board.
  • Approve the scope of responsibilities of the Board and Institute Committee, Councils and Boards.
  • Receive reports from the Executive Committee.
  • Decide issues and approve policies that would significantly change or affect the strategic direction of the Institute or the Federation.

 Excerpt from the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

Members and Officers

Chair of the Board
GP Russ Chaney

ANSI President and CEO
S. Joe Bhatia

Staff Liaison
Patricia A. Griffin
Vice President and General Counsel
American National Standards Institute

 Complete list of Board Officers.

Board Members

The Board of Directors is comprised of up to 48 members from diverse areas of ANSI. The Board’s membership is comprised of up to thirty-three (33) Directors-at-Large and several ex-officio members, including:

  • The Chair of the Board
  • The immediate past Chair
  • Up to four (4) Vice Chairmen
  • The President and CEO
  • The Chair of the Finance Committee
  • The Chairs of the Member Forums
  • The Chairs of the Institute’s Policy Committees

In their role as Board members, members of the Board are expected to act in the best interests of ANSI. The Board will be structured to ensure a balance of interests and overall diversity of representatives from the ANSI Federation.

ANSI members are invited, annually, to nominate a candidate from their organization to serve on the ANSI Board of Directors. Candidates should be able to attend meetings, participate actively, and make an effective contribution to the work of the Board. Candidates will be referred to the Board Nominating Committee; upon nomination by the Board Nominating Committee, Board candidates are balloted for election by vote of the ANSI membership.

Terms are staggered so that no more that eleven (11) positions expire at the end of any given calendar year; each Board member may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive three-year terms.

  Complete list of ANSI Board of Directors members.

Organizational Structure

Information on the organizational structure of the Board of Directors can be found in the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

All Institute Policy Committees and Institute Program Oversight Committees report to the Board of Directors.

Meeting Calendar

The ANSI Board of Directors typically meets twice a year in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please enter "Board of Directors" in the Key Word search field of the ANSI Online Calendar of Events.

Document Library

The ANSI Board of Directors Document Library contains information available only to registered Board members. It requires a username and password to use.

 More information about document access.

Conflict of Interest Policy for the Board of Directors

This Conflict of Interest Policy was approved by the ANSI Board of Directors on December 5, 2018.

 Access the Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form.

Membership in ANSI

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Staff Contacts

Patricia A. Griffin
ANSI Vice President and General Counsel
Tel: 212.642.4954
Fax: 212.398.0023

Tricia Power
Manager, Corporate Governance and Legal Affairs
Tel: 212.642.4881
Fax: 212.398.0023