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Nominating Committee

The members of the ANSI Nominating Committee are appointed to recommend candidates for seats on the ANSI Board of Directors and the Board’s leadership. The candidates they recommend will represent diversity and a balance of interests from the ANSI Federation.

Nominating Committee Overview

The mission of the ANSI Nominating Committee is to

  • Annually submit, to the President, nominations for 33 Directors-at-Large
  • Annually submit, to the Board, nominations for the offices of Chair of the Board and at least 1 Vice Chair.

The Nominating Committee, in conjunction with the Board Executive Committee, will address issues such as needed expertise, background, leadership skills, willingness to participate actively, and inter-organizational relationships. The Nominating Committee will seek to ensure overall diversity of representatives and balance of interests on the Board.

 Excerpt from the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

Members and Officers

The chair of the Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the chair of the ANSI Board of Directors.


Kevan Lawlor
NSF International

Staff Liaison

Patricia A. Griffin
Vice President and General Counsel
American National Standards Institute

The membership of the Nominating Committee shall demonstrate a diversity of representatives of not less than five (5) members of the ANSI Board of Directors who have Board approval. A member must resign from the Board Nominating Committee if he/she is identified as a candidate for a position on the Board

Organizational Structure

The Nominating Committee reports directly to the ANSI Board of Directors.

To assist ANSI’s members in the annual nomination process, the ANSI Board has created guidelines designed to identify target sectors that may currently be underrepresented within the Federation, ensure balance and diversity within the membership, enhance ANSI’s relationships and networks, and highlight individual personal attributes.

 Review the latest guidelines.

Meeting Calendar

The ANSI Nominating Committee typically meets as necessary, typically in the third and fourth quarters of each year.

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Membership in ANSI

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Staff Contacts

Patricia A. Griffin
ANSI Vice President and General Counsel
Tel: 212.642.4954
Fax: 212.398.0023

Tricia Power
Manager, Corporate Governance and Legal Affairs
Tel: 212.642.4881
Fax: 212.398.0023

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