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Appeals Board

The Appeals Board is responsible for considering appeals by directly and materially interested persons that have exhausted all other appeals available to them through ANSI and who have been, or will be, adversely affected by a decision of ANSI. The Appeals Board is the final level of appeal within the American National Standards Institute.

Appeals Board Overview

These procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • ANSI Auditing Policy and Procedures
  • ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards
  • ANSI Procedures for the National Adoption of ISO and IEC Standards as American National Standards
  • ANSI Procedures for U.S. Participation in the International Standards Activities of the ISO, including Annex B, Criteria for the Development and Coordination of U.S. Positions in the International Standardization Activities of the ISO and IEC
  • Operating Procedures of the ANSI Board of Standards Review
  • Operating Procedures of the ANSI Executive Standards Council
  • Operating Procedures of the USNC Rules of Procedure

Members and Officers

Chair ANSI Appeals Board

Mr. Monte Bogatz, IAPMO

ANSI Appeals Board

Mr. Paul Brown, UL LLC
Ms. Sue Carioti, ASIS International
Mr. Steve Ferguson, ASME
Mr. Tom Goode, ATIS
Mr. John Kelly, JEDEC
Ms. Amy Marasco, Microsoft
Dr. Mary McKiel, American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Mr. Dave Ringle, IEEE
Mr. Greg Saunders, Department of Defense
Mr. Henry Wixon, National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Appeals Board shall have a membership of not less than nine nor more than eighteen members appointed by the Chair of the Board of ANSI, with the approval of the Board of Directors. Except as extended by the Chair of the Board of ANSI, members shall be appointed for a term of three years commencing on January 1, and shall be eligible for reappointment for two additional 3-year terms, for a total of three consecutive terms.

Membership in the Institute shall be a prerequisite for participation on the Appeals Board, unless, the Board of Directors specifically permits an exception.

The members shall be chosen to broadly reflect the various categories of ANSI membership, to the extent practicable. Its members shall abide by the ANSI Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct.

* The resident counsel of ANSI, or in his or her absence, outside ANSI counsel, shall be a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Appeals Board.

* ANSI staff is the contact for all ANSI program oversight committees. Individual committee members listed here should not be contacted directly concerning ANSI business.

Organizational Structure

Maximum of 18 members of the Appeals Board per term
Resident counsel of ANSI as a non-voting, ex-officio member or in his or her absence, outside ANSI counsel, shall be of the Appeals Board

Operating Guidelines

The ANSI Appeals Board follows the ANSI Appeals Board Operating Procedures.

* Information and review Operating Procedures

Meeting Calendar

The ANSI Appeals Board meets as needed.

Document Library

Access to the ANSI Appeals Board Document Library is restricted to ANSI Appeals Board members only.

* Information about access to the Public Documents Library

Membership in ANSI

If you are not already a member of ANSI, please visit:

 Benefits of ANSI membership.

 Obtain an ANSI membership application.

Staff Contacts

Anne Caldas
Secretary ANSI Appeals Board
Tel: 212 642 4914
Fax: 212 840 2298

Patricia (Patty) Griffin
Vice-President and General Counsel
Tel: 212 642 4954
Fax: 212 840 2298

Note to Readers Regarding Revisions to ANSI By-Laws

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