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Audit Committee

The main duty of the Audit Committee is to maintain a continuing review of the internal controls and audit affairs of the Institute. Using this information, it is the committee’s duty to make appropriate recommendations to the Board or the Executive Committee regarding internal control and audit matters.

Audit Committee Overview

The mission of the ANSI Audit Committee includes the following:

  • The appointment and dismissal, compensation, and oversight of ANSI’s independent auditor;
  • Assisting the Board in its oversight and assessment of the adequacy and integrity of ANSI’s accounting system, financial statements, audit reports, and audit processes; and
  • Periodic review of internal financial controls, including Board Conflict-of-Interest policies.

  Excerpt from the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

Members and Officers

Committee Chair

Paris Stavrianidis, FM Approvals

Staff Liaison

Peggy Jensen, CPA, ANSI Vice President of Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer

The Audit Committee is comprised of members of the Board of Directors, who are not members of the ANSI Finance Committee, who have been appointed by the Board chairman and approved by the Board.

Committee Members:

Joseph McGuire, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Andrew Updegrove, Gesmer Updegrove

Membership in ANSI

If not already a member of ANSI, please follow these links to:

Staff Contacts

Peggy Jensen, CPA
ANSI Vice President of Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 212.642.4995
Fax: 212.398.0023

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