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Executive Standards Council Membership Roster

The ExSC is composed of representatives of organizational members, company members, governmental members, members of the Consumer Interest Council, and members-at-large. An attempt is made to have at least two members, with a maximum of six members, in each category. The ExSC strives to ensure a balance of representation among categories to the extent possible, although membership on the ExSC is limited to 21 members.

Members, to the extent possible, represent the broadest interests of all standards developers and/or users. Next in order of priority, members should represent their assigned interest category (i.e., Organization member, Company Member, Government Member, Consumer Interest Council, member-at large) rather than their employer's specific interests. A member assigned to the member-at-large category may be drawn from another category. No organization has a vested right to membership, including an unexpired vacancy.

Member Roster

Council Chair

Chris Dubay, NFPA

Council Members

Elise Owen, U.S. EPA
Stephanie Reiniche, ASHRAE
William Berger, ASME
Neil Bogatz, IAPMO
Susan Carioti, ASIS International
Scott Colburn, U.S. FDA
Mary Donaldson, NIST
Jessica Evans, NSF International
Kerrianne Haresign, CTA
John Kulick, Siemens Corporation
Joe Lewelling, AAMI
Jen Rodgers, ASTM
Dan Ryan, Underwriters Laboratories, Vice Chair
Steve Sharples, CSA
Peter Shebell, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Sandra Stuart, Kaiser Permanente
Paula Watkins, API
*Patricia Edwards, CPSC, ExSC Standards Advisor
*Claire Ramspeck, ASME, ExSC Standards Advisor
*Trudie L. Williams, DoD, ExSC Standards Advisor

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