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Finance Committee

The main duty of the Finance Committee is to maintain a continuing review of the financial affairs of the Institute. Using this information, it is the committee’s duty to make appropriate recommendations to the Board or the Executive Committee regarding financial matters.

Finance Committee Overview

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee include...

  • Reviewing and providing a recommendation to the Board for the annual budget and the business plan proposed by the President;
  • Authorizing investment policy; and
  • Authorizing acceptable accounting and disbursement procedures for all funds under jurisdiction of the Institute

  Excerpt from the ANSI Constitution and By-Laws.

Members and Officers

Committee Chair

David Miller,
American Petroleum Institute

Staff Liaison

Peggy Jensen, CPA,
ANSI Vice President of Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer

The FinCo is comprised of members of the Board of Directors who have been appointed by the Board chairman and approved by the Board.

  Complete list of ANSI Finance Committee members.

Meeting Calendar

The ANSI Finance Committee typically meets four (4) times per year, usually in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please enter either “Finance Committee” in the Key Word search field of the ANSI Online Calendar of Events.

Document Library

The ANSI Finance Committee Document Library contains information available only to registered FinCo members; it requires a username and password to use.

 More information about document access.

Membership in ANSI

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Staff Contacts

Peggy Jensen, CPA
ANSI Vice President of Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 212.642.4995
Fax: 212.398.0023

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