ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Technical Experts in Telecommunications

Office Location: Offsite, reporting to ANSI Headquarters in Washington, DC

Supervisor Title: Director, Accreditation Services

Type: Contract

Position Summary

ANSI is seeking qualified professionals to assist with the process and technical aspects related to the evaluation of competence of product certification and laboratory testing organizations supporting the telecommunication industry. Two contract positions are currently available.

Principal Responsibilities

Manage the process and technical aspects related to the evaluation of competence of product certification and laboratory testing organizations.

Requested expertise (for all Telecommunications positions):

The technical experts must have specific knowledge and experience in the following areas:

FCC program

  • FCC Unlicensed Radio Frequency Devices (A1, A2, A3, A4)
  • FCC Licensed Radio Frequency Devices (B1, B2, B3, B4)
  • FCC Telephone Terminal Equipment

IC Program

  • Industry Canada (a) Radio - All Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) in Category I Equipment Standards List Radio
  • Industry Canada (b) Broadcasting - All Broadcasting Technical Standards (BETS) in all Category I Equipment Standards List

IDA Singapore

  • Singapore IDA communication equipment standards (Radiocomm IDA TS SRD: July 2005; IDA TS AR: July 2005; IDA TS LMR: July 2005; IDA TS RPG: July 2005; IDA TS 3G-BS: June 2005; IDA TS WBA: June 2005; IDA TS CT-CTS (inclusive of analogy technology and exclusive of DECT and PHS technologies)

Skills and Experience

Technical Expert Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) Programs

The TCB expert will evaluate the technical competence of a prospective telecommunication certification body. He/She needs to master knowledge of EMC Phenomena, FCC rules and telecommunication equipment - defined as telephone terminal and radio communication equipment. To meet the requirement, the applicant must document compliance with item a) and an adequate combination of three or more of the remaining following items:

  • At least five years experience in testing telecommunication equipment to show compliance (including transmitters) with FCC rules;
  • At least ten years experience in working with the FCC rules, including interpretations thereof;
  • Completion of FCC training course(s) for telecommunication certification bodies;
  • Completion of five or more training courses about the EMC phenomena, FCC rules or telecommunication equipment;
  • Publications about these topics;
  • Presentation of papers on these topics;
  • Being recognized as a technical expert in this field;
  • Participation in the development of telecommunication standards by a recognized standards development organization;
  • Recipient of awards dealing with telecommunication standards, EMC or FCC rules.

Skills and Experience

Technical Experts Industry Canada Programs

The Canada Programs expert will evaluate the technical competence of a prospective certification body. Beyond knowledge and experience in EMC Phenomena, he/she needs to demonstrate understanding of IC regulations and rules for radio apparatus and reference documents, and the ability to apply these requirements during the ANSI assessment.

The technical expert needs to understand the following normative documents pertaining to radio and broadcasting equipment issued by Industry Canada:

  • Radio Communication Act (RA);
  • Radio Communication Regulations (RR);
  • Spectrum Utilization Policies (SP);
  • Radio Standards Specifications (RSS);
  • Standards Radio System Plans (SRSP);
  • Radio Standards Procedures (RSP);
  • Interference Causing Equipment standards (ICES);
  • Broadcast Equipment Technical Standards (BETS).

To Apply:

Qualified and interested professionals are encouraged to submit CV's to the Senior Program Manager, Product Certification Accreditation, Nikki Jackson

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